I’m an Architect Engineer (MArch) and Vehicle Designer (MA) that just graduated from Royal College of Art.

I am keen on everything that has to do with architecture, industrial and graphic design as well as photography and I have a deep enthusiasm for vehicle design and everything around it.

I am eager to make my next step after graduation, working in the field that I love, the vehicle design. As an architect, I intend to give my architectural perception and approach on the design of new things on what is called so far ‘intelligent mobility’ and not only. Thus, I could offer innovative, fresh ideas and concepts to the vehicle design world. I strongly believe that multidisciplinarity and the synergy between different disciplines and design fields are more than crucial. So, I imagine myself not only in a conventional car design studio, but also being part of an advanced and ‘adventurous’ design centre that could provide me with the opportunity to explore new, innovative ways and solutions of holistic design as the times require.

My multidisciplinary background together with my passion, imagination and determination, are these characteristics that could help me become part of your team and get me closer to my career ambitions.